Ciao, I’m Francesca and I make jewelry … different from the usual!

I do not remember exactly when I started to create, seriously! I was so small that maybe I was 5 or 6 years old … boh, let’s say a few years.

As a child I started with the classic flowers, I soon switched to copper wire and then experimented with modeling pastes and paper material.

At themiddle school I learned the art of enamelling and at the university I studied mineralogy, gemology, the properties of metals and a lot of other things. But (if he was not yet understood) I’m not a scientist.

So I moved to Vicenza, one of the most important goldsmiths in Italy, where the cult of gold and the history of jewelry flow into the tradition that is today international pride.

Here I studied jewelry and I discovered the innovations of 3D printing and finally I refined my techniques of enamelling in focus.

Now I started a new adventure!

Discover the curious pigments jewels on the site and if you are curious, do not hesitate to write me or contact me on social media.